Sunday, January 10, 2010

Every possibility.

Okay hello! I know my posts are gettin boring cause there is no pictures, so bear with me yup? So today i spend my afternoon with my new baby, nurul farhana binte haron. Hahahahahaha.

I went to meet her under my block and we walk to Bpp for my lunch :-) Had KFC, then went to buy her sweettalk and went back to my block. Gummy & his sister came along, lepak till 5+ and Gummy & his sister left.

So left me and Fana there, then we stayed till 6pm and went to Pending to send her. So i finally told her everything and i feel much much much super duper fucking better :) And she also told me stuffs too, and when i told her about my dream last night, she kept laughing and she choke on her drink, LMAO.

Then send her to Pending already, came online. Chatted with Fana, Ira, Hazmi & Fadhila. So tomorrow's monday and im going to wake up at 6.15 again.

I feel so unhappy, cause i have to wake up so early. And im gettin fatter and fatter, seriously sia wtf. I must slim down now already, slimming tea, you shall be my best companion :p I will love you to the max, and please make my morning shitting routine be a great and less painful one, haha omg im so disgusting :S

Okay, good news is that im no longer sad, yay i did it 8) Im so proud of myself, so tomorrow i got no idea what to wear, fuck this shit. -.-

Im on msn with Fana & Hazmi still. Texting with Idris and seriously, he made me laugh like one mad girl. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. But i shall stop laughing cause im like a mad girl (like always)

So yup, i shall stop here then, if im not blogging from tomorrow till friday, i will update on saturday and sunday for sure.


I'll rip your head apart.

So yup, i just finished chatting Fana, Billy. Both of them seriously made me laugh like one mad girl. Haha, so Billy is our chairperson. Haha, okay inside joke :p Haha. *baby* LOL!!

So yup, gonna meet up Fana for KFC and lepak with Gummy & his sist. So yup, im going to get a bath and get ready.

Shall update again later, oh and yes, im working tomorrow, good thang? NO!!